Global Fashion Retailer Accelerates Time-to-Hire While Also Seeing Positive Diversity Outcomes with Levee


  • A multinational fashio retail chain faced productivity challenges at its stores due to high turnover and difficulty sourcing enough candidates to backfill roles.
  • The corporate HR team decided to partner with Levee to empower store managers to better manage sourcing and hiring activities, while also giving them valuable data insights into their talent profiles.
  • Store managers report reduced time-to-hire using Levee, while also seeing major increases in diverse hiring to meet their social impact goals. 

The Challenge

One of the largest in the world, a global fashion retail chain was experiencing unprecedented growth in Latin America with 280 stores in 125 cities and more than 15,000 professionals employed across their portfolio. As their presence grew, the team was seeing productivity decreases as they struggled to staff their stores to keep up with turnover rates. While they were using a legacy applicant tracking system for all roles, store managers tasked with sourcing and interviewing their in-store Style Assistants were spending over half of their days trying to find and select the talent they needed. This was keeping them from their day-to-day in-store operations, developing the talent they already had, and ultimately ensuring the best customer experiences in their stores. At headquarters, their corporate HR team was constantly scrambling to provide resources to these stores to help source more talent and often felt that they were flying blind when trying to implement recruitment programs that worked for different locations. Additionally, the company was committed to increasing diversity throughout the organization, and was looking to HR to implement strategies to help their recruiting and hiring efforts lead the way in influencing positive social impact.

The Solution

To augment their sourcing and hiring efforts, the HR team decided to implement the Levee solution across various store locations, as well as within the corporate HR team. For store managers, Levee provides a central solution to manage hyper-targeted recruitment marketing campaigns across various digital channels, such as social media, job boards, and more. Additionally, store managers are able to utilize Levee’s automated, mobile-based application and screening processes to help accelerate interview scheduling and assessment flows. The larger HR team is able to use Levee’s AI-powered data analysis to unlock critical insights about their talent, and better understand the unique characteristics of high performers. This, in turn, helped them better support their store managers with recommendations on how to prioritize prospective talent in the hiring funnel, all while introducing blind scoring in an effort to remove bias and increase diverse hiring. 

The Results

After using Levee, store managers reported a sharp decrease in time-to-hire. By centralizing all prospective talent and using Levee’s mobile-first application automation, store managers saw hiring timelines decrease from weeks to less than 48 hours from the initial job posting. One store manager reported increased agility and time optimization in her sourcing and hiring efforts, “I no longer need to spend 4 to 5 hours on the candidate search and selection process. Interviews are scheduled more quickly without the need to take the focus off the store. It’s great.” Additionally, the corporate HR team reported that using Levee helped improve diversity in hiring, with a 20% increase in female hires, and a 309% increase in hires that are over 40 years old (who are traditionally victims of age discrimination). Finally, because Levee presents this data to the team via dashboards, they can more effectively optimize their recruitment and hiring processes to continually improve their time-to-hire and diversity outcomes. By using data to create an intelligent approach to their talent lifecycle, the HR team is a leader in creating better outcomes for the business as a whole.

Alissa Lydon is the head of marketing at Levee. With 10 years of experience in SaaS software, she is passionate about sharing how technology can help improve outcomes for everyone. Outside of work, you can find her reading all kinds of books, traveling to faraway lands with her family, or catching a baseball game.

“I no longer need to spend 4 to 5 hours on the candidate search and selection process. Interviews are scheduled more quickly without the need to take the focus off the store. It’s great.” – Store Manager