How Levee Creates Positive Outcomes for Service Sector Talent

The service sector is facing one of the most highly leveraged talent markets in a generation. In 2021, we saw the Great Resignation, which turned into the Great Reshuffle in 2022. The data showed that while tens of millions of people were leaving their jobs, the vast majority of them were not changing industries, but instead finding better roles within the same sector they worked for. The service sector has borne the brunt of these dynamics. A 2022 report from MIT summed this up perfectly:

More than ever, service sector talent are leaving their jobs for better opportunities, which creates pressure for these industries to adapt and ensure that they are providing the best experiences for their talent that lead to the business results they need to win.

Levee understands service sector talent better than anyone. Our solution uses data to better understand the ideal talent lifecycle, which can effectively help organizations shape the talent profiles that work best in their organization. We have been working with organizations in food service, retail, hospitality, and more to empower them with those data insights to accelerate hiring, all while improving retention.

While we tend to focus on the business benefits, it’s also important that we celebrate how this approach changes the lives of the talent their HR teams serve. Levee was recently featured in ALIVE Ventures’ inaugural Impact Report as a leader in positive outcomes for the service sector in Latin America.

ALIVE, short for Acumen LatAm Impact Ventures, is one of Levee’s investors and works with high-growth companies innovating to address economic inequality and transform the lives of low-income communities across Latin America. The Impact Report was produced by ALIVE using impact data collected by independent research firm 60 Decibels, which conducted impact studies of ALIVE’s portfolio to assess how ALIVE’s companies change the lives of their beneficiaries.

Levee’s solution, which removes human bias from recruiting practices by automating key components of the hiring process, performed well across a number of data points:

63% of Levee-powered hires identify as a person of color, and 80% were women 

Our solution is proven to help reduce bias during the hiring process. We do this by using data beyond the resume to present a more complete picture of talent profiles. This includes incorporating data associated with their skills, behavioral markers, life moment, and more. As a result, companies that are using Levee to help inform their hiring have seen that they are able to find and hire talent from groups that are historically underrepresented. 

80% of surveyed candidates said they intend to stay at their job for more than one year

Levee leverages AI to help connect companies to the talent that is most likely to stay and succeed on the job. The teams we work with can more effectively prioritize talent based on various factors beyond their resume such as skills, behavioral indicators, life moments, and more. This means that they are more likely to hire talent that is best suited for their roles, which leads to higher retention rates.

Across the entire ALIVE portfolio, Levee achieved the highest quality-of-life impact score

At the end of the day, HR teams are human-focused and are most effective when they can create positive work experiences for their talent. The fact that Levee-powered hires report a higher quality of life through their work is a true testament to our platform’s ability to positively transform the lives of frontline talent by quickly connecting them with jobs in their communities.

If you want to dig into the results of the Impact report, you can view it here.

If you’d like to learn more about how Levee can help you transform your talent lifecycle to achieve positive business outcomes, schedule a demo with our team.

Alissa Lydon is the head of marketing at Levee. With 10 years of experience in SaaS software, she is passionate about sharing how technology can help improve outcomes for everyone. Outside of work, you can find her reading all kinds of books, traveling to faraway lands with her family, or catching a baseball game.