Join the Levee team

We are on a mission to transform how service sector companies hire and manage their talent. Our AI-driven technology empowers HR teams to improve equitable outcomes by reducing bias in hiring practices, all while generating real business results.

As we continually refine our platform and bring it to service sector employers across the U.S. and Latin America, we are growing our team with talented individuals who believe this technology can make a difference.

Life at Levee

Working with Levee means being a “Builder,” joining a global, mission-driven team as we build a groundbreaking technology company from the ground up. You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of making a deep impact on business performance for some of the world’s largest companies, creating opportunities for millions of people, and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.


Own the Result

We hold ourselves and our teammates accountable for our outcomes; good or bad, we do not pass the buck. We make the results we will deliver clear to everyone, and we make it our mission to deliver them.

Be Exceptional

We are passionate about setting high expectations and exceeding them. We apply accelerated learning, meaning we can even learn from others. We lean into challenges and embrace learning curves.

Build and Celebrate Diversity

As a multicultural and geographically diverse company, we value and are passionate about the new ideas and different perspectives that each unique individual of our team brings.

Humility is Our Superpower

At a high-growth company, everyone is doing something they have never done before. This means active, entertaining, open, direct discussions are critical. We don’t let our ego get in the way, and we seek to improve every day.

Share Knowledge

Seek the truth. Then share it. Lonely ideas are the worst ideas. Do not keep them to yourself.

Customer Obsessed

We put our customers at the center of each decision. We are here to serve companies, job-seekers and workers, and to maximize our total positive impact in the world.


Global Team

With Builders located in North and South America, you can work to solve global problems while learning from different cultures.

Remote First

We believe a global company shouldn’t be constrained by a physical office, and you should work from wherever you are in the world.

Work-Life Balance

Our generous PTO and paid vacation calendar ensures that you are able to take the time you need to recharge.

Ready to work with Levee?