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Our Talent Discovery software helps you find
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This world is full of amazing, engaging talent. Sometimes they just get hidden in all the noise. Our Talent Discovery software knows where to find them.

We surface the candidate skills and traits that actually improve retention, so that HR teams can make more informed hiring decisions.

Recruit service-sector talent at scale, and with zen.

Our service-sector hiring solution combines data science, end-to-end automation, recruitment marketing and an inclusive candidate experience to help you build an engaged workforce, fast and at scale.

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We are Living in a New World.
We Need New Solutions.

Levee is the first solution designed to solve the problems of labor shortages and high turnover in the service-sector economy. Levee partners with HR teams to attract engaging talent at scale. Our technology identifies the unique life circumstances, skills and traits that lead to positive hiring outcomes, like retention, increased sales, and increased diversity (hint, these traits are generally not on the resume). The result is that HR teams are happy, operations teams are happy, and of course, the CEO is happy 😉  So, how do we do it?

How we do it

We know where great candidates are.

Most of the time, great candidates are not going to your career page or looking at your job ad. Our Talent Discovery platform actively hunts passive candidates. We automatically optimize your recruitment marketing budget so only the best performing channels are used. Does Indeed really help you find talent that stays longer? We’ll let you know.

We also communicate with candidates the way they want to: through chat. We have customized integrations with all of the major messaging platforms to reduce drop-out rates and bring candidates to you faster.

Did you know that WhatsApp is the most common messaging platform for Latino service-sector talent? Levee is the only HR software company in the world with a direct integration into WhatsApp’s chat API.

We know what skills are truly important.

Levee prioritizes life circumstances, skills and personality attributes, which are more relevant and less biased than the names of schools or past work experiences. Soft skills are often much better predictors of employment performance than any other attribute. Since these sorts of skills are flexibile, talent can be empowered to excel in a variety of roles. Modern enterprises understand that this brings a much needed agility to talent strategy.

We know that life is all about learning. We learn with you.

Levee automatically integrates machine learning into your hiring funnel to improve time-to-hire, candidate profile quality and employee performance. Our algorithms will surface insights about the best channels to use to acquire talent, as well as about non-traditional variables that should be used to hire candidates that stay longer and perform better. Our platform learns and evolves with our clients, to continuously improve employment outcomes. On average, Talent Discovery leads to a 29% reduction in turnover and 86% reduction in time-to-hire.

Levee’s platform has won the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) ‘Reinvent the Future of Work’ Challenge under the Inclusive Innovation category for Latin America.

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Our mission is to help our clients build the largest, most productive and diverse global workforce by using data and technology to find the exceptionality in everyone.

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