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Reclaim your team’s time.
Resolve diversity gaps.
Reveal a more productive workforce.

From candidate matching, screening, to interview coordination, Levee enhances the human processes with automation, adding artificial intelligence at every step of the process, so you can hire the right person and grow faster.

Our approach


Reduction in
hiring time





Reveal gaps in efficiency.

Innovative Recruiting Platform:
Screening + Automation + AI.

Levee’s platform fills the gap between HR and operation; changing the way they interact, and enhancing the candidate’s experience from the first interaction. Levee eliminates operational challenges for companies that need to hire high volumes of low skilled workers, even if that’s across several different locations.

  • Standardize your profile, and make sure you are hiring with consistency.
  • Free up your team’s time so they can focus on more valuable processes.
  • Gain data and insights from all stages of the hiring funnel with our dashboards.
  • Achieve the ideal balance between human and digital tasks.
  • Integrate resources that digitally transform your company’s workflow.
  • Automate everything: from bot decisions for routine manual tasks, to data collection, standardization, and analysis.

What and How we do it

Reimagine the recruitment funnel

Levee helps you scale your workforce recruitment process.

Digital transformation changes the way you hire, and saves countless hours by removing manual recruiting tasks using automation combined with machine learning.

We have already saved more than 30 days per year for every manager at each of our clients’ operations, eliminating US$ 300k hidden costs..

Workforce Planning

Levee’s mission is to democratize opportunities for everyone.

Low skilled workers, high turnover, high volume.

We ensure you get the right answers to your toughest workforce questions, accelerating the alignment between financial planning and HR to get better business results.

No matter what your challenges in hiring, Levee can help you to hire better employees, faster. Good for your company, good for the candidates.

Never stop learning

Machine learning is the core of what we do.

We keep learning so your company can keep on growing. You can grow faster when you have Levee predicting the impact of your talent decisions. You are always learning from your experiences, so let our technology identify successful patterns and repeat them, so you can make fact based decisions to drive better outcomes.

Human Science

We want to help you build better teams, companies, and places to work. Effective recruitment is the best investment for optimizing your organization’s results.

For example – Select and hire the correct talent by focusing on a lower probability of turnover, and a shorter distance from work to home. Seems a simple task… but what about at scale? Sounds crazy?

Let us show you how we use People Analytics – the combination of Data Science and Human Resources, to help you generate talent insights and better results.

Reveal the future

Levee’s End to end process allows us to collect data at each stage of the recruitment process.

By crossing hundreds of data points we achieve increasing intelligence in predictive analytics.

Levee’s technology detects and eliminates factors such as absenteeism and replacement costs that are highly corrosive to your profit margins.

Contact us to learn how we can use predictive analytics to enhance your company’s processes.

Share your wins

Our collaboration does not end when we schedule the interview. Share the insights and results from the recruitment process with your stakeholders on the go, in real time.

Use our dashboards to follow the evolution of your recruitment funnel and main productivity metrics: turnover, time to hire or volumes.


Levee’s platform was awarded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through its ‘Reinvent the Future of Work’ MIT – Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) program. LEVEE won the ‘Access to Technology’ category, in Latin America. 

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Our mission is to help our clients build the largest, most productive and diverse global workforce by using data and technology to find the exceptionality in everyone.

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