About Levee

Levee finds the potential in everybody

We believe that all companies can build and maintain a high-performing talent pool if they understand what makes their talent thrive. So, we set out to empower HR teams to unlock the potential in their talent pool – starting with a more intelligent recruiting and hiring process.

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New talent pool, new platforms

We built Levee from the ground up, starting in Latin America – home to the second largest service workforce in the world. As we set out to connect job-seekers and employers, we found there is a whole world of untapped talent using social networks and messaging platforms to find job opportunities. Now, Levee uses technology to help hiring companies everywhere understand what candidates are looking for, what they are capable of and how to attract them.

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The modern workforce is multifaceted and diverse

Traditional recruiting tools often miss the mark with today’s talent. We created Levee to reveal the soft skills, personality traits, cultural values and life experiences that actually matter in measuring a candidate’s potential. By enabling recruiters to see beyond the resume to consider the whole person, we are building a more dynamic and equitable job market.

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Faster hiring, less turnover

Levee customers report:

reduction in hiring times
less turnover

after they started using our Talent Intelligence platform.

Our Clients

Our clients rely on us to find and hire quality candidates.

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Our investors

Levee is backed by global leaders in AI and mission-driven investing.

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