Hire Quality Talent Faster

When you know what success looks like for your company, it is much easier to recognize ideal talent during the hiring process. Levee accelerates your efforts by getting you the intel you need to make smart decisions.

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Consider this:

Traditional recruitment methods rely too much on time-consuming interviews to assess soft skills and culture fit.

Most automated hiring tools rely on the resume and don’t see the whole person

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Levee’s solution brings together the best of both worlds with a data-driven approach that captures the traits that matter to help drive faster, and better quality, hiring decisions.

How it works

Understand your ideal talent

We analyze the skills and traits of your best talent to understand what makes them succeed and create an ideal profile to inform your acquisition and hiring strategies.

Identify and hire quality candidates

Our solution assesses prospective talent’s complete profile, including soft skills, life moment, and more. We then provide insights that help predict who will stay on the job, helping you better prioritize your talent pool.

Accelerate the hiring process

Levee’s text-based capabilities automates manual tasks such as interview scheduling and assessments to help move quality talent through your recruiting funnel faster. Decrease drop off rates with streamlined processes without sacrificing crucial data insights.

Improve talent life cycle outcomes

By continually evaluating the performance of your latest hires, Levee keeps improving its profile of the ideal candidate. With every hire, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and realize better outcomes.

Ready to see Levee in action?


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Create a more inclusive workforce with data-driven recruiting

Levee gathers a rich range of talent data, which has been proven to remove bias from the hiring process. Our clients report a 12% increase in participation by women and minorities when they use Levee.

Reduce turnover by prioritizing best-fit talent

Our technology provides insights beyond the traditional resume and recommends which talent is more likely to stay on the job. Quickly build an ideal talent profile to help you prioritize and accelerate your hiring efforts.

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Unify your data for a more complete view of your recruiting efforts

Our solution integrates seamlessly with a wide range of applicant tracking systems and human capital management systems, processing the data they collect and translating it into valuable insights about your workforce.

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Spend your time where it makes the most impact

HR professionals are excellent judges of character, savvy negotiators and compassionate problem-solvers. Levee’s intelligent solution focuses your company’s talent acquisition efforts, freeing up your team to use their skills where they matter most.

Smart marketing to fill your talent pipeline

Once you know who you’re looking for, it’s time to get out there and find them. Find out how Levee can help.