Discover an easier way to find and hire quality talent

When you understand what makes your company’s best talent shine, you can quickly identify those most likely to succeed. With Levee powering your recruitment process, you will be confident that you’re making the right hire – every time.

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Build a stronger talent life cycle

A healthy talent life cycle means more high-performing talent and less turnover. Levee’s intelligent recruiting software gives HR teams the tools and insights they need to attract and hire the best talent – because when you hire the right people, they are more likely to stay and succeed.

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Fill your talent pipeline using smart recruitment marketing

Our solution keeps your pipeline full of qualified talent by utilizing various digital channels, including social media, to entice the right people to apply. Using Levee’s intelligent sourcing technology, you can streamline your search for candidates who will be a good fit for your roles and company.

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Accelerate hiring decisions while improving quality

Levee assesses talent using various data inputs such as skills, personality and experience to predict who will stay on the job. Spend your time recruiting quality talent – not sifting through resumes and scheduling dead-end screening calls.

Understand your talent life cycle with data-driven dashboards

The Levee dashboard, showing sections for Job Campaigns, Employer Branding Campaigns, and Performance by Day.

Levee’s analytics give you perfect visibility of your recruiting efforts. You will see exactly which sourcing channels produce the best results, whether social media, job boards or organic channels. Use skills insights to better understand your ideal talent profiles and which traits are the strongest predictors of retention, and how it impacts your business.

Unify your talent data with seamless integrations

Levee integrates with dozens of applicant tracking systems and human capital management systems, so there is no need to change your current recruitment tools or workflows. Levee makes your existing process faster, empowers your team with data insights, and delivers better results.

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“Levee streamlined the recruitment process for our store managers, and brought them better candidates.”

Sergio Boriello, CEO

Sergio Boriello, CEO of Pernambucanas in blue shirt and glasses.

“The platform brings agility and optimizes my time. I no longer need to spend 4 to 5 hours on a candidate search and selection process. Instead I am getting the best profiles for interviews scheduled within 48 hours, without needing to take focus off the store, it's great.”

Tereza Machado, Store Manager


“With Levee we save time on recruiting processes. The system is simple, easy to understand and streamlines the hiring process.”

Gilson Ferreira de Jesus, HR Director

Gilson Ferreira de Jesus, HR Director at Makro, in glasses and white shirt.


Our clients rely on us to find and hire quality candidates.

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