Reach the Right Talent

Strategic recruiting is the key to building a stronger business – and attracting the right talent is half the battle. Levee’s solution makes it easy to run highly effective recruitment marketing campaigns across every digital channel, including social networks. Get your job postings in front of the right people as quickly as possible, and motivate them to apply.

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Consider this:

Most HR professionals are not marketing experts – and shouldn’t need to be!

To reach more prospective talent, teams are managing multiple sourcing channels in silos, creating extra manual work.

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Levee’s solution combines performance marketing strategies with a cross channel approach in a single platform to bring the right talent into your pipeline.

How it works

Connect with and augment your existing workflows

Levee connects with your ATS to pull in relevant job information, and lets you easily map skills attributes to each role that can help you prioritize talent in your funnel. Eliminate extra work and focus on increasing your reach.

Manage marketing channels from a single interface

Create personalized campaigns based on role type or location, and choose from a wide variety of digital channels to promote your jobs. Manage your budget from a single control point to make reporting more seamless.

Meet talent where they are with targeted distribution and messaging

Levee gives you an edge in today’s talent market by promoting your job opportunities using social networks. This increased exposure helps you fill your talent funnel faster by exposing your brand to every channel.

Empower talent to apply through any channel

Along with your careers page, Levee expands application opportunities, giving you the ability to include SMS, WhatsApp, and email messaging flows. These mobile-first application experiences help boost engagement and increase application volume, without creating extra work.

Continuously monitor and optimize recruitment campaigns

You don’t need a marketing background to tap into state-of-the-art recruitment marketing tactics. Our solution gives you a low-touch way to launch, run and optimize job ads to ensure you're staying front-of-mind with ideal talent.

Keep candidates engaged with automated nurturing

Using data collected during the application process, Levee can automatically recommend jobs to prospective talent based on their skills profile. Expand your talent pool to include former applicants without added manual effort.

Ready to see Levee in action?


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Accelerate time-to-hire by filling your talent funnel faster

Levee extends beyond traditional recruiting channels by using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, increasing your reach to help source and hire talent faster.

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Improve recruiter efficiency with easy campaign management

Accelerate your sourcing efforts by consolidating campaigns in a single platform. Our technology helps you achieve your goals, no performance marketing background required!

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Optimize spend to showcase recruiting effectiveness

Talent acquisition has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line, but it can be hard to show the connection. Not anymore! Levee puts success metrics at the center of all our talent data, making it easier to show the ROI of your recruitment efforts.

You’ve found more talent. Now what?

The more you know about what makes your best talent thrive, the faster you can identify and prioritize those in your recruiting funnel who are most likely to succeed. Learn how Levee helps you accelerate hiring by helping you uncover quality talent faster.