Operational Intelligence

Recruiting Efficiency Platform

Levee uses machine learning, predictive analytics and people analytics to help companies that hire operating labor (professionals with low qualification or specialization) in high volumes to improve service quality and predict and predict them demands from the work force to the main KPIs of the company or operation.

With our solutions it is possible to select only the profiles that will help grow your business, increasing productivity and retention rates.

We reduce the turnover, improve the time to hire and find the right candidate for the right job, faster!

Levee was the winner of the Latin American stage of the MIT Award for the category Access to Technology of 2018.

End to end platform to solve low skill, high volume hiring.
Optimize Retail Candidate Outreach Through An Integrated, Multi-Channel Strategy.

Our solution is designed to help organizations source, engage, nurture and hire high quality retail talent at scale.

Levee offers intelligent recruitment advertising, engaging talent journeys, AI powered candidate engagement, and instant communication with on-the-go candidates via chat and text, to attract and connect candidates faster and more cost effectively. Plus with consolidated candidate profiles, recruiters can view candidates in a single record, regardless of how many sources they originate from.

With Levee’s end to end platform we empower high volume recruiting organizations to attract enough high-quality talent and ensure a continuous flow of candidates.

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