Talent Discovery Platform


Levee uses machine learning and people analytics to help companies hire high-performing frontline workers in large volumes. The Talent Discovery Platform reduces turnover, improves “time-to-hire” and enables your HR team to hire smarter.

Create an application process that sets your company apart from the competition.

The Talent Discovery Platform lets you customize messaging and candidate application flows to really showcase your company’s culture and Employer Value Proposition. This increases the attractiveness of your job posts, your candidate volume and the speed of your hiring process.

Advertise your job posts on channels that bring fast volume.

The Talent Discovery Platform automatically optimizes candidate campaigns based upon your objective (such as, applications, hires, or retention). We also utilize non-traditional channels, like SMS, WhatsApp, and TikTok, to advertise your opportunities where the modern millennial workforce actually engages. The result? More candidate volume than any of our competitors, and faster.

Forget the resume. Get matched with candidates that will stay longer.

The Talent Discovery Platform utilizes proprietary matching technology that predicts on-the-job success. It emphasizes non-resume variables that are better predictors of fit, such as soft skills, life moment, and personality traits.

Dashboards that are results-driven.

The Talent Discovery Platform provides real-time data about the entire hiring lifecycle – from first click to multi-year retention. We also hold ourselves accountable through our “ROI” reporting, which you can use to drive internal alignment.

Seamlessly supercharge your ATS or HCM.

There’s no need to change your current recruitment process. Just make it faster and deliver better results. We seamlessly integrate into a variety of ATSs and HCMs so that your team can get the benefits of the Talent Discovery Platform without having to learn something new.

Compliance and data security are our first priority.

In today’s world there is no margin for error. Levee’s enterprise-grade security standards are the building blocks of our client partnerships.

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