Founded in 2012, Levee is a Brazilian technology company awarded by MIT that applies Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis and People Analytics to improve efficiency, productivity and staff engagement rates in companies with a high volume of low skills workforce hiring.


Levee’s solution centralizes, automates and optimizes your operation. We combine big data with machine learning models and predictive analytics to solve the allocation and productivity challenges of your company’s workforce. We keep in eye on your main KPIs and our goal is to make your company more productive by reducing absenteeism, increase in sales and reduce turnover.


People Analytics

It allows to analyze which are the candidates with the greatest adherence to the vacancy according to the profile sought by the company. These include a lower likelihood of turnover, greater goal achievement (based on past experience), a shorter distance from work to home, and hundreds of other possible factors combined.

Predictive Analysis

By crossing hundreds of data, we achieve increasingly higher assertiveness rates in predictive analytics. The technology detects and eliminates highly corrosive profit margin elements such as absenteeism and replacement costs.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is often fed back with data from each employee and operation, making it increasingly intelligent, assertive and personalized, taking advantage of the company’s decision-making process.

Operational Workforce

We are the only company 100% specialized in operational workforce (professionals with complete secondary education). We understand the dynamics of this sector and the behavior of the professional. Our technology was developed with this profile in mind.

Focus on Result

Our collaboration does not end when we deliver candidates for interview. See the results of the process directly on your cell phone, in real time, as well as the real evolution of productivity indicators.

Digital transformation

We centralize, automate and optimize the high-volume workforce acquisition process (more than 1000 jobs / year) with the support of technology, leaving the part of the selection process that matters most to you: the interview and the hiring.


Levee’s platform was awarded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through its ‘Reinvent the Future of Work’ MIT – Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) program. The company was the winner in Latin America in the ‘Access to Technology’ category.

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