We empower the people that power the service-sector economy.

People are not 8.5 x 11 inches

Question: can you guess when the resume was created? 

Answer: in 1482 by Leonardo Da Vinci. (What?!) 

So why do we rely on this antiquated tool to predict fit between opportunities and talent in today’s modern marketplace? No wonder turnover rates in the service-sector are over 100% per year. Resumes are part of the Old World and we need solutions for a New World.

What if you could see
who a person really is?

The resume doesn’t capture all that a person is. Not even close. A good match is driven by soft skills, personality traits, cultural values, life experiences, and, most of all, a candidates’ life moment. Imagine a new approach to building out your team, one that is holistic and evaluates the candidate as a human being, rather than a piece of paper. 

Levee started with two core questions: are resumes and jobs boards really the best we can do to help talent and opportunity find each other? How can we help companies create a truly engaged workforce?

The service-sector talent pool is incredibly rich and diverse. But, resumes, jobs boards and LinkedIn do a terrible job at understanding the diverse traits of this talent pool, where they are, and how to match them to the right opportunity at the right time.


Levee was built from the ground up to transform the way companies hire their frontline workforce. We focus on high-volume hiring for the retail, hospitality, food services, call center, and logistics industries.

We make it easier for talent to find the right work and for companies to find and retain engaged talent. Through technology and services, we empower the people who power the service-sector economy.

How are we different? 

How we are different

Simplified candidate sourcing

Should you sponsor a job post on Indeed? How about Ziprecruiter? Should you post your job on Instagram, or even Tik Tok? We believe HR shouldn’t have to make these kinds of decisions. Our software automatically tests dozens of digital channels to find candidates and invest marketing spend in only the channels that are most productive for our clients.

Create an engaged workforce

The dream of every HR professional is to build and retain an engaged workforce, and we are here to help. We align with our clients how they measure engagement, and using our Talent Discovery platform we only bring candidates that we predict will improve those engagement metrics, such as retention.  

Reducing turnover generates enormous cost savings for HR teams, and productivity gains for operations teams. All of this value is illustrated in customizable dashboards for our clients.

Focus on the candidate, not the resume

For the majority of service-sector candidates, the resume provides insufficient information about a candidate. In addition, most candidates are not creating and updating profiles on LinkedIn. So, where can you find information about candidates that really matters? 

We believe that a candidate’s life experiences, soft skills, hard skills, personality traits, and cultural values are much more important for predicting fit with a job. We use machine learning to surface these variables and empower HR teams to make the best-informed decisions about who they hire. 

An inclusive candidate experience

Did you know that over 80% of candidates state that they prefer to engage with recruiters over chat tools like SMS and WhatsApp?

Levee utilizes automated chat-bots to generate conversations with candidates where they want to have them. The result? More volume in your talent pipeline and a faster time-to-hire.

Focus on automation

Get rid of repetitive and manual tasks in your day-to-day so that you can get back to doing what you love: focusing on the people!


Levee’s platform was awarded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through its ‘Reinvent the Future of Work’ MIT – Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) program. The company was the winner in Latin America in the ‘Access to Technology’ category.

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